Who we are

Since 1993, Malet Associés Group is specialized in the design, piloting and realization of all types of works in the building sector.

In July 2011, the company Antheor Ingeneering acquired Malet Associé and the Malet Associés Group became ‘SAS GROUPE MALET’.

Since 2000, ARTHEOR Engineering organized, even then, construction works and techniques for Malet Associés.

Mr. Brard, Antheor’s manager, became president of the company SAS GROUPE MALET in 2011.

For more than 50 years, the Group has become specilialized in technical studies, drafting project specifications, handling administrative formalities, moreover, the Group performs, coordinates and monitors the construction works and takes care of as-built drawings.

Thanks to its professionalism & its compliance to costs ans deadlines, the Malet Group has been able to satisfy customer’s expectations

More than 50 references :

– Maesa
– Inextenso
– Zurich Assurance
– Pratt & Whitney
– Jet Services
– Polaroïd
– Konica
– Financière et Foncière Eurobail
– Foncière Patrimonia

– Financière JCA
– Affinity Petcare
– Groupe GARBE
– CAPEB (Caisse Nationale des Artisans Français)
– Le Géant des Beaux Arts
– E.D.F
– Syndicat U.P.A
– Bureau Vallée

-Délégation Générale du QUEBEC
-Crédit Suisse
-Louis Vuitton
-Cabinet Architecture Valéro et Gadan
-Hammam Pacha
-Aract Ile de France
-Hôtel de l’abbaye

Malet Group’s commitment

As Malet Group is willing to get involved in its clients projects, it offers to provide all the necessary ressources to set-up and renovate its property portfolio.

A dedicated team, led by one exclusive contact, composed of :

• Sylvain Brard, SAS GROUPE MALET, construction and technical engineer
Several site managers and coordinators
Laetitia Larralde, architect
More than 100 technicians and workmen, partners of the group

• A services organization :
Technical design office
Work implementation
After-sale services

Malet Group is committed to meet its clients requirements through its high quality service, at the best price and with optimum turnaround times.

Global work methodology

SAS GROUPE MALET has been able to carve out its place, under the market’s new requirements, and furthemore, establish a modular and flexible organization in order to face the market’s fluctuations.
The firm’s development policy has been engaged to establish a multiple partnership. For the past few years, MALET GROUP, has chosen the very best suppliers, some became partners in the strictest sense: they are bound by a contract to the Group. It provides the Group with the flexibilty and responssiveness of a small company and, also, the strenght of a SME.
Therefore, SAS GROUPE MALET can compete with large corporation.

Technical studies, costing, the calculations and plans are carried out by the Antheor technical office, main shareholder of the Group.
The same applies for work follow-up and coordination.

Workmen are entirely employed by MALET GROUP’s partners (bound by an employment contract or associates).

This method has proven its effectiveness and allows, whenever needed, to dispose of several dozens of workmen. Overhead expenses are kept to a minimum.

All the parties involved work with Groupe Malet, some for many years. Other parties are shareholders of the Groupe. This approach, wished by the president, encourages and develops team building and efficiency.

This unique and innovative strategy reshapes entirely the company‘s profile, among clients and suppliers.

Organization chart

Our Know-How

Home renovation

Indoor / outdoor staircases

Spa completion

Hotel renovation

Restaurant renovation

Facilities :

– Reception area
– Conviviality area
– Meeting area
– Work space
– Adjustable partitions
– Outdoors / Terrace

Building elevation

Facade reconstruction

Restoration, paintwork

Major renovation


Special partitions


Fireproof wood

Locksmith works

Plaster ceiling works

Exterior joinery

Road works

Roofing & zinc works

Underfloor heating

High & low voltage current

Technique : Air-conditioning / Heating

Our works

Hospitality industry, HOLIDAY INN PARIS ELYSEE – Rue de Miromesnil – Paris

Major refurbishment (only the half timbered facades & the wooden structures have been kept)
Partnerships : Michel Boyer’s interior design comapny – Jean-Luc Bras Architect
Infrastructure work program, implementation detailed plans, budget & planning management
Construction works for two years

Hospitality industry, hôtel de l’abbaye – Paris

General contracting works, in partnership with Michel Boyer’s office

Hammam Pacha – Rue Mayet – Paris

Rough concrete retail area renovation under a residential building.
General contracting works, complexe electrical engineering.

Spa completion, Pacha hammam, machine rooms

Heating & air treatment, made by Siemens microprocessors

Office space construction, Facilities – Reception area

Office space construction, Facilities – Conviviality space

Office space construction, Facilities – Meeting space

Office design

Office layout – Removable & adjustable partitions

Facilities – Outdoor construction

Office renovation, Valéro et Gadan Architects

  • Long-term work: over ten years (in instalments).
    Restructuring and renovation of an office building.
    Partnership : Valéro et Gadan Architects.
    Surface : approxiamtely 4 000 m2.
    Budget management, planning, concrete work, geothermal drilling projec

Office & store building renovation


Entire building renovation: 6 floors & 2 underground levels
Two retail floors : ZARA et H&M – offices in the remaining area
Total area : 7 500 m².
Amended building permit, complete program folder including concrete studies, implementation
of new rules for smoke extractions, air-conditioning of the whole building. Budget, planning & work follow-up.

Office building restorations & entire development

Aménagement commerce – Le géant des beaux arts – paris 13

Architecte Philippe de Potestad

Surface 1500 m² délai court 4 mois tous corps d’état

Renovation of a private staff appartment and reception areas
Extensive air-conditioning needs (300 people for 280 m2)
Infrastructure work program, budget, concrete studies, works follow- up, noise and design constraints
(complexe air-conditioning system)
Site occupied during works

Restaurant la petite Venise, château de Versaille

Architecte Pierre Le Merer

Travaux exécutés en tous corps d’état par MALET avec lot CVC très complexe

La Marée Jeanne Paris restaurant, Samuel Nageotte Architect Frédéric Hubig project owne

MALET’s general contracting works

Road works

Implemetation by Malet, of a solar energy and underground heat storage research and development lab,
next to Fontainebleau, done by Antheor engineering.

Construction d’une maison à ossature bois et parement pierre sur ossature inox, pour le Groupe Cherpantier, sur un toit parisien à proximité des Invalides, Architecte Samuel Nageotte.

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